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Our document security solutions

Our solutions to help you fight document forgery

Generate 2D-Doc bar codes

Document securing in SaaS or Appliance mode

Discover our solution

Check 2D-Doc bar codes

with our 2D-Doc code verification solutions

Discover our solution

Securing your documents, a simple, quick and perfectly secure operation

ARIADNEXT is the first certificate authority officially recognised by the ANTS and authorised to issue 2D-Doc certificates.


Generate a 2D-Doc

As a document issuer, you want to insert 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seals when generating your documents.

Using customer data, the service generates the 2D-Doc barcodes for delivery on the fly for the cost of a printout!


Create a document secured with 2D-Doc

The barcode generator software interfaces easily with your composition solutions or publishing chains to insert your 2D-Docs into paper documents or electronic PDF files.

You choose the data you want to secure in your documents.


Verify a 2D-Doc

When the document is used as supporting evidence for an application, checking its certification is very simple. Just download our 2D-Doc Reader mobile app to read the codes.

Does your office need a more advanced verification service for bigger volumes? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Generate 2D-Doc codes in SaaS or Appliance mode

Document security inside your systems managed by our engineers, or directly from your data centres thanks to our SaaS or Appliance-mode software.

Via the SaaS solution

As a software publisher, our SaaS document security system supplies several interfaces for stamping documents on the fly via web services that generate 2D-Doc stamps. The Visible Digital Seals are supplied in a variety of formats (TIFF or PNG images, C40 content, text, Data Matrix font etc.), enabling transparent integration into document composition tools.

With the Appliance

Integrate document security directly into your data centres with the Appliance. We provide the tools needed to generate a 2D-Doc barcode from your servers and HSM. Your data is protected and never leaves your premises. processes all the document types listed in the 2D-Doc technical specification. We create connectors between our services and yours, which gives us the information to be secured in the document in batch mode or individual mode. If the file you want to secure is not on the list, ARIADNEXT can help you standardise it. We reference your documents and prepare them for processing.

Document security integrated into your services

Cost reduction

Cost savings

document security

Protection for sensitive data

fast integration

Autonomous solution

European conformity

Statutes certified ANTS-compliant

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Verify 2D-Doc stamps with our code verification solutions

Check the validity of secure documents with our free 2D-Doc Reader mobile app, available online for download, or go further with our bulk verification solutions.


Via 2D-Doc Reader

Download the 2D-Doc Reader app for iOS or Android free of charge. In use, the app allows you to scan a 2D-Doc bar code and check its validity instantly.

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Discover our solutions for instantly checking document authenticity (extracting the information in the document and the check results: document identification, detecting fraud: forged documents, expired documents). The ideal solution for managing larger volumes.

The document verification solution

fast integration

Real-time checks

Parts analysis

Information authenticity

Transformation Rates

Adaptable to your volumes, document security for any format

SaaS SaaS SaaS interfaces transparently with your existing solutions. In our data centres, on your servers.

Appliance Appliance

We provide the tools you need to generate 2D-Doc codes yourself with Appliance.

Document Checking Individual mode

Choose document security in individual mode for smaller volumes and a less urgent need for an immediate code.

Document Checking Batch mode

Our document security solutions also allow you to process large batches regularly, e.g. securing invoices from energy or telephone suppliers.


Securing documents in any format