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Our answers about document securing questions

How are documents certified as compliant? How are security certificates installed?

By adding a 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal to documents, makes security accessible to anyone for all paper or electronic documents. With an easy-to-verify code, the stand-alone system makes it possible to certify a document such as an invoice as compliant based on the data presented. Invented by ARIADNEXT, the 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal is a simple, effective way of fighting all types of document fraud. ARIADNEXT is the first French certificate authority officially recognised by the ANTS and authorised to issue 2D-Doc certificates.

How are security certificates installed? processes all the document types listed in the 2D-Doc technical specifications. We create connectors between our services and yours, which gives us the information to be secured in the document in batch mode or individual mode. If the file you want to secure is not on the list, ARIADNEXT can help you standardise it. We reference your documents and prepare them for processing. Using customer data, the service generates the 2D-Doc seals on the fly.

How can a 2D-Doc electronic stamp be verified?

Using our 2D-Doc Reader app for scanning bar codes. 2D-Doc Reader is a totally free app that allows you to instantly check the validity of a 2D-Doc bar code. You can also go further with our bulk verification solutions suited to larger volumes.

Who can use

Organisations that use large quantities of confidential administrative documents use our services: public institutions, banks and human resources departments. Our document security solution adapts to your needs in terms of volume and to your business sector.

When can document security be used?

In the professional context, document security can be used for all types of documents. It is just as suited to HR documents (payslips, employment contracts, identity documents) as to bills from electricity or water suppliers or any type of supporting documentation (residence certificates, legal declarations etc.). ARIADNEXT adapts to your need and deals with the documents you want to secure. Wherever there is a risk of fraud, using a 2D-Doc code provides benefits.

How can data security and confidentiality be guaranteed?

The 2D-Doc digital seal on a document contains its key information. For example, on a bill this might include the document type, the salutation and full name of the recipient, their address, the invoice number and the issue date of the document or the 2D bar code. This information is locked with an electronic signature of the data, guaranteeing the identity of the issuing organisation (authentication by signature) and the integrity of the document. The 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal makes electronic or paper documents unfalsifiable.

What is the 2D-Doc electronic stamp?

A visible digital seal, 2D-Doc is a two-dimensional bar code containing essential information from the document on which it appears and an electronic timestamp. It also includes the certified digital signature of the document issuer. The system was developed by ARIADNEXT, supported by the French National Secure Documents Agency (ANTS) and validated by ANSSI, the French National IT Security Agency.