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Concrete applications in many fields

Ideally suited to our increasingly nomadic lifestyles, document security management is finding concrete applications in many fields. has undeniable advantages: data confidentiality, document fraud detection, full digitisation of processes and paperless documents.

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The advantages of document security

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Time saving

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Lower costs in your business sectors

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Human resources offers maximum flexibility and easy use for securing payslips, employment contracts, invoices, identity documents, qualifications etc. Save time and reduce the processing costs of physical security which is often too costly to implement. Focus on dematerializing processes by simplifying the use and management of your documents in the company, for the cost of a paper print !

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Governments is widely used in government and the public services for the prevention of the risk of fraudulent identity documents, residence permits, proof of address, health and employment certificates and legal evidence. As a concrete example, our solution is used by the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition to secure Crit'Air stickers.

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Banking and insurance

Fully legally binding, enables any banking, financial tech or insurance business to secure sale or subscription contracts and SEPA payment orders. By adding a 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal to documents, makes security accessible to anyone for all paper or electronic documents. With an easy-to-verify code, the stand-alone system makes it possible to certify a document such as an invoice as compliant based on the data presented.

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Quotes, purchase order forms and online contracting… Easy to roll out, the affordable document security solution. It simplifies everyday administration and offers very fast return on investment.

And that's not all! enables you to certify important documents completely securely, anywhere and at any time.

ARIADNEXT, the expert in 2D-Doc

ARIADNEXT is the first certificate authority officially recognised by the ANTS and authorised to issue 2D-Doc certificates.

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Our products in action – concrete use cases of our solutions

The DGFIP (French public finance directorate) uses our technology based on the Appliance model to secure payslips.

1.The need

The DGFIP wanted to eliminate paper from the processes associated with administrative documents. Securing identity documents and other supporting evidence is an important way for governments to implement fraud prevention systems in response to forged proofs of address and administrative documents presented at town halls and regional council offices. Using systems based on security paper or electronic chips remains very costly and is not suitable for every need.

2.The solution

Logo Smartstamp Rvb Appliance to acquire a system for creating Visible Digital Seals and digitise administrative document security according to the 2D-Doc standard.

3.The result

100% of dematerialized and secure pay slips.


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