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Secure your printed or electronic documents with the 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal is the solution for securing your documents and supporting evidence. In a few seconds, it can generate and add to the document a 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal in the form of a two-dimensional bar code. This electronic stamp (or digital seal) contains the document’s essential information, unencrypted, and a timestamp.

The 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal makes any document unfalsifiable, provides instant verification and fights forgery and the fraudulent use of printed supporting documents.

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We offer solutions to generate and verify 2D-Doc seals directly within your systems in SaaS or Appliance mode. Discover our products in action!



2D-Doc involves inserting a two-dimensional bar code containing key information about the PDF document and the date of issue of the document or bar code. The information is sealed with an electronic signature, which guarantees the identity of the issuing organisation (signature authentication) and the integrity of the data presented in the document.

This solution can certify any type of document, either paper or digital, and guarantees its protection. Targeted documents include supporting evidence (water, phone or electricity bills to prove an address, Crit’Air stickers, bank details, proof of income etc.) and administrative documents used by private individuals and/or professionals in their dealings with companies.



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The security of an electronic chip for the cost of a printout

A large number of documents used as evidence for many purposes do not incorporate any integrity measures. The 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal will help by ensuring the printed or electronic document provided as evidence has not been forged.

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By adding a 2D-Doc VDS to documents, our service makes security accessible to anyone for all paper or electronic documents (PDF format). With an easy-to-check code, the stand-alone system ensures the compliance and confidentiality of the data presented.

Fight document fraud effectively by securing the sensitive data and key information in your document at source.

Ariadnext Innovation Rvb2 Compliance

Invented by ARIADNEXT, the 2D-Doc Visible Digital Seal is a simple, effective way of fighting document fraud. Developed in close collaboration with the French Interior Ministry via the National Secure Documents Agency (ANTS), the standard was officially published in decree no. 2013-629 of 16 July 2013.

ARIADNEXT is the first certificate authority officially recognised by the ANTS and authorised to issue 2D-Doc certificates.

Ariadnext Reduction Des Couts Rvb2 Cost reduction

Document fraud leads to significant losses every year. Physical security is often too expensive to introduce for most of the documents involved. The service offers a fast, affordable technology meeting all these requirements and offering an innovative customer experience.

Move towards paperless processes by simplifying the use and management of your supporting documents in business for the cost of a printout!, an easy solution to implement

Whatever your use case is, for securing administrative documents,proof of residency, or other types of usable documents requeted to applicants, offers the possibility to secure documents, anywhere and at any time.

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